FIREFOX Industries has sparked a revolution in the science of on-board vehicular fire protection! FIREFOX’s complete line of effective fire suppression systems is available for both professional and sportsmen racing categories as well as many other special vehicular applications. The FIREFOX system can be used for new installations or to replace existing Halon systems or other gaseous agents which can be harmful to both the environment and the race car driver. Performance tested and racetrack proven under the harshest of racing conditions, these systems offer unique design features which make FIREFOX the runaway leader in the manufacture of the highest quality and most reliable fire suppression systems available. From initial concept to the grueling demands of final wind tunnel tests at Wright Patterson Air Force Base( to see the test visit our download page), FIREFOX Industries has been proven to provide superior state of the art fire suppression systems engineered to outperform the competition.

FIREFOX Industries also provides a wide range of fire safety products including both water and clean gas (Halotron 1) fire extinguishers. Custom –designed skid-mounted pumpers are available for utilization with Firefox’s Fire X Plus extinguishing agent. FIREFOX Industries is widely recognized for it’s dedication to research, solid testing, and the development of quality products which address the current fire safety challenges facing the motor sports industry. This commitment has distinguished FIREFOX as a leader in the advancement of innovative and proven fire protection products.

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