All Firefox Industries' systems are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year from the original date of purchase. Upone determination for Firefox Industries that a defect exists, repairs or replacement will be made without charge, excluding transportation costs to deliver the productr to Firefox. Firefox Industries makes no representations or warranties as to the operation, nonoperation, activation, or nonactivation of Firefox's fire suppression systems. The purchaser is advised that, due to the harsh conditions associated with competitive automobile racing, the system(s) can be subject to failure and the proper operation of the system(s) is related directly to teh manner in shich it is installed, used, and/or maintained by the user. The purchaser/user assumes all risk for any injury or death that may result from occurrences beyond the direct control of Firefox Industries. This limited warranty replaces all other warranties, expressed or implied, and no person or representative is authorized to assume for Firefox Industries and other liability in connection with the sale or use of Firefox products.

All cylinders returned to Firefox for the purpose of refilling will be inspected for general condition and fitness for reuse and must comply with D.O.T. and O.S.H.A. inspection specifications. In the event that, in the opinion of Firefox, a cylinder is damaged or otherwise unfit for reuse the cylinder or other required components will be replaced at the appropriate charge above the prevailing refill cost. All costs associated with shipping and handling will be borne by the customer. All refill/repair orders will ship C.O.D. unless previous credit arrangements have been established with Firefox. All cylinders returned to Firefox for refill/repair services must be shipped void of any container vessel pressure. When shipping cylinders for refill or repair services the customer assumes the responsibility for any necessary hazardous duty charges and full liability for any mislabeled or unidentified special hazards or conditions.


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